Mr Roland Broos serves as the Senior Consultant in RFB Consult B.V., an independent consultancy business. RFB Consult Process Engineering provides expertise in the conceptual and front-end phases of oil and gas projects and the start-up and operations of oil and gas facilities. He has worked internationally over 30 years for several major oil and gas companies in various process and project engineering roles before starting RFB Consult B.V.

Mr Broos was the Chief Process Engineer in Shell E&P Europe, managing the process engineering discipline, provide process engineering expertise support for projects and operations, highest technical authority of Shell E&P Europe. Major process safety reviews including the Bacton Gas plant facilities and the Gannet offshore facilities.

He played several roles such as Gas Capacity Planner, Gas Project Manager, Project Engineer and Member of the International Gas Union (IGU), Chairman of the Underground Gas Storage Studies for the World Gas Conference in Nice (2000). Mr Broos was the Senior process engineer of Aramco Overseas Company (AOC). He has done his Masters in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology.