The Values Game is an easy, fun and simple way to understand core and fundamental Values in Life. It could help you have a interesting conversations with yourself, your Family, Colleagues and Friends. It will provoke to be a great Ice Breaker or Evening Activity to help bring Sparkles and Smiles to all whether at Work, Home or a Party.


The Energy Game is an easy, fun and simple way to identify the ingredients that give you more Positive Energy in Life. The Energy Game could help you identify and prioritize activities to help Energize and Relieve Stress. The Game can be also used to identify new opportunities to bring Family, Friends and Colleagues together.


The Health Game is an easy, fun and simple way to encourage you, your Family and Friends to lead a healthier life. The Health Game will help you identify activities essential to live a healthier life – Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Emotionally, as well as help reduce the risk of disease and promote a better way of Healthy Living.


The Entrepreneur Game is an easy, fun and simple way to have enjoyable and meaningful conversations with Family, Colleagues and Friends as well as obtaining deep insights on how to become a successful Entrepreneur. It will help you understand the attributes, ingredients and skills critical and necessary for the success of an Entrepreneur or a Business to succeed.


The Fears Game is an easy, fun and simple way to identify and work through your Core Fears in Life. It could help you unlock barriers to your Personal, Professional and Emotional Success. It can also be used to have some truly fun and meaningful conversations in parries as well as with Family and Mentors.


Building a great Company Culture is extremely challenging.  Arya Play is a special game that enables you and your Board or Leadership Team to help diagnose and strengthen your Company Culture to become stronger and achieve better results. Building on decades of global research, Arya Play also helps Teams identify and understand Ingredients that will help transform Internal Teams to High Performing Teams. Arya Play Teams have successfully achieve High Impact Outcomes across multiple industries.


The Motives Game is a quick, easy and exciting and can be played among friends, family, peer groups, professional groups, organizations and most importantly yourself, enabling deeper insights about the motives that energize and drive you to action. This is an experiential game that forces you to prioritize and choose what motives really matter to you, revealing what your true desire and goals in life are. It also helps identify areas of alignment and dissonance within yourself and between team members in a fun and interesting way.   


Climate change is the biggest threat faced by humanity today. We have developed the Environment Game to enable each of us on an individual basis, or as a family and thus also as a larger unit to incorporate ways of improving our Environment. Play the game by yourself or with friends, family and try to build a habit by incorporating activity or activities from the list that appeals the most. With no time, a eco friendly habit would be inbuilt within you which will help the Environment.