The games on Arya Play purely meant for fun and non judgment. Various values, sources of positive energies, fears which may not resonate with you, may spark memories you may have long forgotten about, but take it lightly and laugh it out. Arya Play aims at helping you become more positive, and sit back playing these cards. It’s played best if you are open minded.

 Play all the games on Arya Play to help you identify your areas of weakness in life, accept your fears and figure out those stumbling blocks inhibiting personal growth. Using the App, get insights of how you may be able to prevent slow self and social sabotage with help from a professional coach.

 Use the Arya Play App or play the physical cards game at leisure, whenever you like. Use the game in the various departments of your organization, while counseling, in schools, universities- wherever you may wish to play. Arya Play has a tremendous universal appeal. Extremely User Friendly- can be used by people of various age groups, gender, literacy levels just to get to know you better!

 Some games in Arya Play are specifically designed to help you gain new perspectives about yourself you may have been unaware about or unknown to you. There may be things you may have not witnessed- Arya Play gives you the opportunity to do so. It makes you think, reflect and introspect. It makes you map a timeline of your life and get to the root of your negative thinking, fears, bad habits; etc. The games also aim to give you various perspectives of how people’s opinions would differ according to situations and what values they prioritize in life.

 Arya Play games were strategized keeping in mind only to instigate real change. To help individuals feel better about themselves. Professional coaches roped in to help address issues, learning about acceptance and resolve personal fears.

 The Games give you insights into different facets of yourself, sub conscious and deep conscious drivers – your values, sources of energy, drivers, interests, skills and strengths. Where playing the Physical Cards involves people playing cards in a group, the online version is even more exciting and insightful – with various fun and interactive games which help you get deeper data into selves and capabilities as a unit. The Online Games also enable you (only if you want and with your explicit permission) to share your results with a coach or specialist counselors to help you understand the areas that could be tweaked, evolved or transformed.