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“Curious about how to play our range of games? The first step is to identify the purpose which resonated with you and your group the most – what aspect of yourself and your friends, family or team do you want to explore and understand through our cards today? 

Are you in the mood for some quiet introspection? Or would you like to bond with your buddies? How about getting to know your tribe well? Or ooh!  How about exploring what they think about you? Read on to see how our games can help you with all these 😀

“Please mail us the cards you selected at to generate your in-depth report by our behavioral scientists”,

 “*A small fee will be applicable for generating the report.”

Ways of Playing Arya Play

Ways of playing

Ways of playing

Play to Introspect

Play to Introspect

Play to Bond

Play to Bond

See yourself through other’s eyes

See yourself through…

Learn about your tribe

Learn about your tri…
Selfie LikeSelfie FutureMost ValuedShared ValueChildren Valued Stor…Killer PerceptionBidding WarsPriority Twist
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Most Valued – which values are most important to you and your tribe? ​

  1. Shuffle the cards & deal 5 cards to every player
  2. Place the rest of the cards face down in middle with top card face up
  3. Take turns drawing a card from the pile and compare it with the ones in your hand.
  4. Swap the card you “Value Less” with the card you picked or retain the cards in your hands
  5. Continue this until you finally have the five cards which suit your personality or aspirations
  6. Now drop 2 cards that you value least from the five in your hand
  7. The three cards remaining suggest “The Core Traits”.

Shared Value – Share stories about your tribe’s most valued traits

  1. After shortlisting the 3 core traits in Most Valued, players may swap their chosen cards with others or from the cards in the discarded pile
  2. Share stories of when the trait you want to swap your card with was tested successfully
  3. In case of a tie, the one who narrates the best experience keeps the card (as voted by remaining players)

Children valued stories – Bond with your children while teaching them about life

  1. Shuffle the cards and place them facing up or down 
  2. Ask your children to the top card on the deck
  3. Ask them to explain what each concept in the card means to them
  4. Share stories about the concept and ask them how important would it be for their life 
  5. Repeat this for each card in the pile to start conversations about each concept.
  6. Impart value education to children in a fun way and also understand how they view the world around them.

Selfie Like – Get to know who you are now better

  1. Keep the entire set of cards face down with top card facing up 
  2. For each card on the top of the pile, classify it into one of these four categories based on how you currently feel about the activity / value:
    • EXCITE – This is exciting to me 
    • POSITIVE – This fills me up with positive energy 
    • NEGATIVE – I don’t like this
    • UNEXCITED – I feel Meh or uninterested about it. 
  3. Now, for the cards that belong in the first two categories, classify them based on the priority that you want to give them now: 
    • LESS – I want to do less of this 
    • SAME – I am satisfied with this currently. 
    • MORE – I want to do more of this 
  4. Repeat this process for  each of the cards in the pack.
  5. Get a clear snapshot of where you spend your time and how to make your time more enjoyable.

Selfie Future – Get to know where you are in life and where you want to be

  1. Keep the entire set of cards face down with top card facing up 
  2. For each card you draw, classify it based on the relevance to a time in your life: 
    • PAST – It was relevant to me in the past 
    • PRESENT – It remains relevant to me to date
    • FUTURE – It may become relevant to me in the future
  3. Repeat this until you have classified all the traits in the pack into one of these categories.

Bidding Wars – The best party game to find out how much your tribe values important traits

  1. Shuffle the cards & place the cards face down in the middle.
  2. Turn the top card over.
  3. Each player who finds the card to be interesting bids Money on it
  4. The top bidder wins the card
  5. Move on to the next card in the pile and repeat the process. 
  6. Play the game until everyone has run out of money or until all the cards in the deck are cleared 
  7. Get a very clear idea of how much each trait is important to yourself and other members of your friends / families while having lots of fun 

Priority Twists – best party game to find out How much do you know your tribe?

  1. Shuffle the cards among all the players in the group 
  2. Choose a card that you would like to discard and announce it to the group
  3. Pick a card that you would like to swap it for and offer to exchange with another player who you think would be likely to discard it 
  4. You have only three chances to convince a player to make a swap – Use them wisely to collect all the cards you desire. 
  5. Find out how much you know your tribe and exchange stories about why you think they are more likely to swap a certain card. 

Killer perceptions – games to play with friends to know what vibes you give to others

  1. Keep all the cards face down and turn over the top card. 
  2. All the players vote on whom the card describes best.
  3. Place the card next to the player who gets the majority of the votes.
  4. Repeat until all the cards have been assigned to someone 
  5. At the end, each player can choose 5 cards from their pile and ask each other why they voted for them. 
  6. Identify your blind spots – understand how others perceive you, why they do so and what you want to be perceived as
  7. Play our introspection games to see how you can work towards creating that perception. 

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