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We strive to be an engaging ice breaker game that lets people play and socialize. Arya Play ( An Atlas Intelligence group) is a fascinating card game to start with others that may help spark interesting conversations with yourself, your family, your colleagues, and your friends.

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Why Arya Play?

The range of Arya Play card are thought-provoking games that can be played irrespective of age, creed, gender, or race to facilitate fun and meaningful conversation involving two or more people.

Our aim is to strengthen connections inside the community and even beyond our worldwide cultures in the face of diversification and politics.

  • Arya play is a fun-filled card game developed by Atlas Intelligence to play with friends, parents, colleagues.
  • We help us to create personal and professional rapport, as well as in developing deeper and more meaningful connections with yourself and your loved ones.
  • We bring families and friends from different generations together to learn what is actually important to each other.
  • We understand complex decisions and ensure that you have fun and “Ah-Ha” moments.
  • Atlas Intelligence’s Arya Play gives you Deep Behavioral Insights with Fun User Experiences.

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