Arya Play Origin

The Inspiration to create and invent Arya Games came in the early days of the internet towards the end of the last century, when Sameer Mehta (husband) and Rochana Gandhi (wife) initiated email interactions for a potential life and soul partnership across continents. The story sparked when both of them were keen to understand what mattered to each other and their motives in life. The success in finding each other and then building a life together is in part due to the seeds of the first Arya Game… The Values Game.

What was truly inspiring and surprising was how useful the games proved with families and friends in having interesting discussions across generations on what truly mattered and what mattered more to each other without the typical ego, pride and judgment that are typical of family sessions. People started to Sparkle!  Today the aim of Arya Play is to help understand ourselves and folks that we enjoy sharing and investing time with.

Over the last two decades, through marriage, through children, through transitions, through migration across 4 continents – the couple began to observe that although core aspects (Values) remained the same, the priority of these aspects and ingredients seemed to change with life situations. Also, it was observed that sources of energy and vitality seemed to change with life phases.  As these findings with family, friends and colleagues were contemplated and discussed – they found that core values, energy ingredients and fears for a happy and satisfactory life were different for different folks, and could vary significantly with age, education, culture and life circumstances.

Further research along with social anthropologists, clinical psychologists and human behaviourists helped develop deep insights and governing frameworks. The Arya Play games have been refined by playing with people across hundreds of professions, over hundred cultures / nationalities and a spectrum of age groups. The findings are remarkable – by prioritizing these aspects (ingredients for life), we can collectively live more fun, grounded and fulfilling life.