A striking card game for holiday fun, from Arya Play

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  • A striking card game for holiday fun, from Arya Play
  • Unleash The Craziness
  • Fantastic Card Games for Holiday fun
  • Holiday Party Games Everyone Will Love
  • Fun Holidays Games for Kids and family
  • “Are you interested in knowing one of the ways to play our Arya Play card games?
  • Selfie Like – Icebreaker game

Ice-break the Craziness

Binge watching Netflix movies and series gives you chill but making moment of fun and entertainment with a bunch of people around is a question mark? Like the professor have a plan A, B, C, D for your activity. We got you a plan that can make you ha ha ha with your partner, friends and family. Card games you might think they are old fashioned but you are wrong. Card games may seem outdated now that it’s so simple to get lost on social media or trapped into a Netflix binge.

We spent our childhoods playing card games like Rummy, Poker, and Bluff. Card games provided an opportunity to interact, laugh, team up, and tease. The sound of a card on a wood table reminds us of having a sense and cherished at our childhood. Arya Play Card games is a fascinating! You can play an engaging game with everyone, no matter how old are you.

Arya Play have created this range of card games to add to your list of favourite card games as part of Arya Play’s effort to get a range of activities for small family gathering during the holidays, if you heed the warnings of health professionals and limit your huge family gatherings. We’ll also share our ideas on different ways to play for each game and fun theme, as well as a unique approach to play the game on different occasions to unleash the craziness.

Fantastic Card Games for Holiday fun

fantastic games for holiday fun

However, as much as we enjoy board games, and have recently returned from a family holiday, we believe that card games are the greatest games to bring along on a family trip.

We tell you Why?

For a beginner, while preparing for a holiday, travel space is minimal. Card games are the smallest games available to be played.

Time and attention are also valuable assets on family holidays. On a family holiday, many families try to pack as many exciting things as possible. Some do, although, like to take breaks from time to time. People usually pull games out during downtime.

Card games are ideal for these occasions since many of them can be played in less than 30 minutes.

You may also discover a variety of entertaining and light card games with simple rules, but Arya Play games connect people and understanding. Card games are simple to play and grasp, and they need little mental work to play. Similarly, Arya Play is simple, yet we instruct how to play our range of card games.

The number of players, age range, and replay value should be the basic three things to look for in a fantastic card game for family trips. We can play card games with several players counts and with people of different ages are perfect for these occasions.

And once you’ve got your family to play a card game that satisfies the above criteria, they’ll want to play it over and over. That’s why card games with fascinating choices and a little of chance are good for the family members to play.

Plus, you can purchase Arya play card games for under $10! Affordable than an OTT subscription.

Holiday Party Games Everyone Will Love

party games

Be naughty or sweet. Everyone enjoys a good party game, especially during the holidays. They’re a terrific way to an icebreaker and get your guests to interact. The trick is to select the appropriate party games based on the dynamics of your party and the theme of your party. With that in mind, we’ve made a list of the best icebreaker games to add to your favourite list for your upcoming holiday outing and other family activities. Once you’ve chosen the holiday party you’re hosting, look at our range of interactive family and friends holiday party games. If you pick Arya Play, you’ll explore fun-filled game ideas, rules, and tips on selecting our card game for your team party, family holiday and your get-together under each game category. This fun-tastic game can help you create memories to enjoy for a lifetime, whether you’re gathering a large group of friends or just a few for a holiday outing, family dinner, or any other holiday feast.

Fun Holidays Games for Kids and family

Holiday Games

From getting dressed up to memory games, Holiday activities for kids can be a lot of fun with the family. You can play some of our games with minimal people or with the entire family divided into teams. To create a wonderful ambience for games activities, you may want household things to arrange the event but a small pack of cards in the cupboard will bring all people together with the simple word “Game On”. Explore our “Card Deck” to play with people and socialise Arya Play is a fascinating card game to start with others that may help spark interesting conversations with yourself, your family, your colleagues, and your friends.


Arya Play is an interesting game that can be played differently of play, like football. You either play Beach football, Futsal, Street football, bubble football, walking football, and so on, but you play with your heart because “it’s football,” the same you will feel with our card games. Arya Play creates an emotional relationship in a short period through interaction, meaningful conversation with your people, and much more you realise while playing.

“Are you interested in knowing one of the ways to play our Arya Play card games?

Selfie Like – Icebreaker game

  • Face down the whole deck, with the top card facing up.
  • Choose one of these 4 categories for each card at the top of the pile, based on how you now feel about the activity or value:
    • EXCITE – This is exciting to me
    • POSITIVE – This fills me up with positive energy
    • NEGATIVE – I don’t like this
    • UNEXCITED – I feel Meh or uninterested about it.
  • Now, categories the cards in the first two categories as per priority you wish to give them right now:
    • LESS – I want to do less of this
    • SAME – I am satisfied with this currently.
    • MORE – I want to do more of this
  • Rep for each of the cards in the deck.
  • Get a clear picture of how you spend your time and what you can do to make it more fun.

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