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Value Card Game

Focuses on significant Values that an individual should have to be a better person. According to research, having a clear understanding of one’s values enhances one’s role and performance, the Value Game can help you understand oneself and others values, be it Students | teachers | friends | families | team mates which helps them list insights | areas where they can improve.

The Values Game
The Fears Game
Fear Card Game
Focuses on different triggers of fears to understand one’s innate fears, as well as to accept and confront them. Many times our fears hold us back in achieving our goals . The Fears game aids in the identification of various hidden fears, which enables one to understand their core causes and it stimulates one to act on how to overcome them. It provides a fear signature of every individual using research-based frameworks. It aids in the development of trust and empathy in a relationship. It has both single-player and multiplayer gaming components which adds value individually and collectively as a team.
Energy Card Game
Fun and simple way to identify the ingredients that give you more positive energy in life. The game can be used to identify new opportunities to bring Family , Friends and teams together. It also helps you identify | prioritize activities to help Energize and Relieve stress.
The Energy Game
The Culture & Team Game
The Culture & Team Game
Focuses on importance of Team unity and helps in improving team bonding. It helps you diagnose a variety of team Characteristics and use the insights obtained by playing this game for transforming your team into a vibrant, progressive and high performing one.
The Enterprise Game
Focuses on important attributes and skills for developing and growing business and becoming a successful entrepreneur.
The Enterprise Game
The Health Game
Health Card Games
Focuses on important health habits – restores good life. It encourages you to lead a healthy life by identifying activities essential for healthy living in the areas of Physical | Mental | Spiritual |Emotional etc…
Environment Card Game
focuses on important habits to protect, promote and restore good environment. The frameworks helps providing deeper understanding into oneself, one’s family , friends and people at large regarding the Environment and conservation.
The Environment Game

The Motives Game

Helps us identify the core motives in our life for true understanding of self to move further up in the success ladder.

The Strength Game

Focuses on the importance of knowing the true strengths we possess in life.

The Parenting Game

Focuses on important parenting habits to be followed to install good habits in children and bringing them up to be good humans.

Empowers to conduct effective workshops | enhances interactive learnings| builds relationship and team bonding | Insightful take-aways and more