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Seeking for quality time

It’s no secret that these days, couples spend a lot of time together. For many individuals, working from home has become the norm, which means you may be with your spouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While some couples are benefiting from the extra quality time, others may be suffering a dip in intimacy, according to psychologist Psy.D. “Couples may find themselves in a rut if they are unable to split and re-join on a regular basis, which can reignite the flame,” 

You might be seeking for inventive ways to bond with your partner now that date evenings and vacations are less of a possibility due to the epidemic. So, how about playing a fun pair game?

Card Games with Limerence

Clinical psychologist and relationship therapist, “playing games as a couple may promote active participation, closeness, and spontaneity.” Couple games foster emotions of intimacy and connection while also improving problem-solving abilities, communication, and cognitive engagement, according to her. “This allows couples to interact in a fresh and unique way that develops closeness and builds a strong relationship foundation.”

Arya’s card games are also a pair game that serves as a fantastic conversation starter for couples playing Battleship. They’ll not only make you laugh out loud, but they’ll also help you develop your relationship. Continue reading to uncover a fresh way to spice up game (and dating) night.

Your Home Date Night

What is dating if it isn’t a little bit of fun? Or, if you’re feeling frisky, a lot of fun. However, instead of simply watching someone else having fun on television (sorry, but Netflix and chill gets old after a while), do something a bit more active on your next date. We’re talking about games for two people that you can play together.

Let’s face it, playing games—whether card games or conversation-based games—can be a terrific way to remain connected, show off your abilities, and add a little levity to a date while we negotiate everyday life (hello, bills and hectic days). Games may also be a fun way to discover more about your spouse without being intrusive or like a lab experiment. Playing with your date or relationship allows you to see different aspects of them. Is your date, for example, supportive, competitive, or patient? Is it because they’re a jerk or because they just want to have a good time?

Box of Tricks for Your Date Night

When the two of you have to navigate a virtual escape room, you’ll surely find out! “It reveals characteristics of their personality that are crucial for you to know.”

Try Arya Play card games next time you’re in charge of organising date night, whether you’re dating or in a long-term relationship. Here’s to creating magic from the comfort of your own home…or at anyplace you like to spend your date.

Dating evenings at home may be just as interesting as a game night. A game night may bring more fun and laughter to your life, whether your relationship is thriving or failing. Relationship counsellors usually encourage regular date nights and one-on-one time. Couple games at home are only one of many possibilities for a low-cost date night or while your kids are asleep in the evenings.

Maybe it has nothing to do with children; maybe you’re snowed in or don’t get enough alone time. Whatever has led you to a couple of game nights at home, find a game that both you and your partner will enjoy. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen your friendship and love relationship by having fun together. Arya Play card games creates a quality time together, which is important to the success of a long-term relationship. Without it, couples may feel that difficult times are more difficult than they need to be.

Top CORE values you can find in your relationship and Arya Play

So, what is your relationship values?

For a beautiful relationship couples need

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Communication
  • Honesty


Trusting in each of you to always do your best for the relationship’s greater good. If you genuinely trust your companion, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle that comes in your way.


You’re on the right track if you and your partner are both honest and loyal to each other above all else. If not, it may be on the verge of becoming a warpath. For the health and sustainability of your relationship, loyalty is a critical value. Your love will grow in the best possible way if you are loyal to each other.


Communicating with each other will bring couples closer; allow a person to get to know each other as deeply. If you like to keep things to yourself, believing that no one, even your partner, needs to know what you’re thinking, and your partner enjoys talking about everything, the relationship will most certainly collapse. Remember to share the good news as well. Investing in your relationship through communicating with each other is a great method to do so. Your relationship will benefit whenever you share a bit of yourself and your life.


In a relationship, the importance of honesty is priceless. When you and your partner are open and honest with each other, and you both think that honesty is the best way to keep your relationship going, you are saying that your union is decidedly important to you.

Once you reveal all values in the cards it brings couples together for a better couple goals.

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