Arya Play | FEAR Game : Fear is not always a bad thing

Never be afraid. You should never be frightened of anything. Things start happening. Fear has an end, but once you come back from it, it is the end of fear.

Fear is not always a bad thing; it is one of the human instincts for survival.

Being afraid to any action creates a negative impact.

Did you ever do anything you were afraid to do, you wondered why I was afraid?

Every day many individuals, including myself, confront different worries. My greatest fear is the fear of failure, which makes me strive to establish high objectives to make the work and development worthwhile. Being frightened is a frightening sensation, it perceives all types of results and themes. The fear can sometimes be so severe that it is not working. The resolve to achieve and change your life and that of other individuals is to persevere through and in spite of fear.

Fear Game

Identifying Core Fears in Life

  • Extinction
  • Mutilation
  • Loss of Autonomy
  • Separation
  • Ego-death


They worry that it will annihilate, cease to exist. It is a more basic way of expressing it than just ‘fear of death.’ The thought of not existing in every normal person is a fundamental existential worry. Take this frantic feeling as you gaze across the brink of a high building.


Fear of losing any portion of our treasured physical structure; the idea that our limits will be invaded or that all organs, body parts, or natural functions will become integral.

Loss of Autonomy

The fear of immobilization, paralysis, enclosure, overwhelming, encroachment, imprisonment, smothering, or otherwise being dominated by events beyond our control. It is usually referred to as claustrophobia in physical form, but it also includes our social interactions and relationships.


The fear of being abandoned, rejected, or losing connection; of being a non-person nobody else wants, respects, or appreciates. When applied by a group, “silent treatment” can devastate its objective.


Fear of embarrassment, shame, or any other mechanism for deeply disagreeing with oneself which endangers the loss of self-integrity; fear of the dissolution or disintegration of one’s own loving sense, capability, and dignity.

Fear is usually the underlying feeling of rage. Oppressed individuals rage against their oppressors for fear – or for the loss of autonomy and even self-determination. An invading invader might perceive the annihilation of a culture or religion as a sort of collective ego death. Those who frighten us are going to annoy us, too.

The Fear Game interpretation

The Arya Play game can help you gain a better knowledge of your friends, partners, and teammates. This card game will help you in recognising and accepting your fears. When you play this card game, you’ll most likely recognise and address the fear that keeps you from achieving your goals. You can change your mentality and lifestyle once you grasp the source of your fear. Once you’ve finished each game, you can discuss them with your teammates.

Fear Game

Why is it Valuable?

Fear games by Arya Play explore some of the most common fears in everyday life. People in today’s world find it difficult to understand their fears and how to deal with them.

The fear game recognises some of the world’s most common fears in order to help you in reducing and accepting those emotions that are restricting your personal development.

Logic of Fear Game

The logic of fear framework in Arya Play helps to identify and prioritise the fears one should work on coming to terms or making peace with oneself. Blending the aspects of fear like logic and trigger, Arya Play game helps one understand the source of their fears.

Logic of Fear Key

Rational Fear – Rational fear is a reaction to a serious threat from which we must defend ourselves. We are consciously aware of our rational fear. It arises in the human brain and is mainly caused by heredity. Just the kind of fear that puts us on our feet while also creating new challenges.

We can be terrified of circumstances such as being afraid of heights or sleeping in the dark. With this form of fear, you’re aware that you’re afraid, but you’re also aware that you need to confront it.

Irrational Fear – Irrational fear is when we are afraid of something despite the fact that there is no clear link or threat to us (we refer to these fears as imagination). Irrational fear is an unhealthy fear that is usually triggered by a traumatic experience and leads to us avoiding certain situations. “Irrational fear” is also known as “phobia” or “unhealthy fear,” and it is something to which we may be sensitive due to our genes and environment.

Spend yourself more time to overcome such fears. Glance at your fears rationally so you can see and realize why you’re so frightened of them. If you’re scared because of a traumatic experience, attempt to learn as much as you can about it.

We typically have some chance to reflect on our experiences. Traumatic activities are usually one-time occurrences which does not repeat, although this does not necessarily prevent us from worrying that they will.

We should begin to look at our worries differently once we begin to understand more about our experience and can rationalize it. It is only then that we can consider bringing about change.

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