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Gamification is an idea that has been around for a long time. Around the year 2010, it became popular. It has been an effective tool for increasing consumer and employee involvement in a goal-oriented way since then. Gamification is the process of incorporating game aspects into non-game circumstances.

People have a desire to stay to what they know, but companies easily mix things up with the use of gamification. Gamification, particularly in recruiting, promotes healthy competition and the possibility of progress. Also, it encourages employees to learn and solve problems in interesting ways.


Gamification is a strategy for motivating and engaging people by recreating job-like experiences and scenarios in the form of a playing environment. Users regularly compete, and those doing the best are more likely to get employed.

Gamification is commonly used to handle difficulties like sourcing, recruiting, retaining customers, and engagement. Designers integrate games characteristics into non-gaming environments.

Why you should use Gamification in Recruitment?

Our brain is busier when we are doing something we like. We are able to take in and absorb more information as a result, which is critical for learning. When gamification techniques are used to improve learning, the entire process becomes more pleasant for the individual, and it’s a great tool for learning and developing an objective approach.

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How to Introduce Gamification into Your Recruitment Process

Gamification, like any new technology, must be implemented with moderation. You should first examine your goals through analysis and monitoring before using gamification. The aspects of gamification must have a purpose and be easily measured.

Plan Effectively

When it comes to implementing gamification, preparation is crucial. Some questions to consider include: what kind of game you want? What does it need to be successful in recruitment? How will we match it to the required work skills and knowledge? What metrics will we use to evaluate our progress?

Use Gamification Tools

There are several gamification tools available to assist you in implementing gamification in your company. Arya Play Card Games offers gamified evaluations, which consist of a less than 30minute playtime assessment.

Make the Experience Fun and Engaging

Gaming is entertaining and interesting. Assessment exams are not one of them. As a result, when adding gaming into your hiring process, make sure it’s fun and engaging for users. You may achieve this by putting it through its paces with your present personnel and collecting feedback.

Get User Feedback

It’s important to get user feedback. You need to collect data from users and use it as feedback to enhance your user experience, which might range from A/B testing to theoretical and practical surveys. You’re not going to receive the favourable results you want if the experience is bad.

Measure Key Metrics

The importance of recruitment analytics is obvious, and gamification will add even more important files to your monthly reporting. You must choose the appropriate metrics for assessing your hiring goals based on your hiring objectives.

Promotion and Branding

The importance of employer branding has never been greater. An engaging gaming experience as part of your employment process could help your firm get popularity. The goal here is to make sure it’s genuine and in keeping with your company’s beliefs (and brand guidelines).

To guarantee that you acquire as much publicity and user interaction as possible, you should collaborate closely with your PR and marketing teams.

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Benefits of Gamification

Gamification Works Both Ways

It might be difficult for both the recruiter and the job applicants. Traditional interview styles don’t always produce the greatest results when it comes to completely evaluating a candidate’s ability. The majority of job candidates prepare responses to standard interview questions in advance.

Recruiters may better present company-related circumstances and observe how effectively prospects react by including gamification components into the recruitment process. This may be accomplished by completing industry-specific tasks and company-specific objectives.

Gamification Allows Testing Of Key Skills

It is much easier to test certain abilities that your organisation has identified as essential for qualified workers when gamification elements are incorporated in recruiting. Aptitude exams, behavioural quizzes, and problem-solving creative thinking assessments are all good ways to see if a candidate would fit in with your corporate culture and contribute value with certain abilities. This is great for eliminating candidates and narrowing down your search.

Gamification Can Simulate the Actual On-The-Job Performance

You can ask your candidate to visualise themselves in a typical work environment to evaluate how they react to problems. When you combine the same ordinary scenarios with gamification features, the impacts might be more informative.

Gamification Introduces Healthy Competition

Gamification, rather than traditional incentives, is indeed a terrific method for increasing healthy competition among recruiters. It encourages people to learn new talents and put them to use in a successful recruitment process.

In the same way that training and skill development are used in games, they may be used in recruiting since recruiters have a clear scoring system based on transactions done. As a result, their capacity to find solutions that will put them ahead of their competition is limited.

Arya Play for your Gamification Recruitment

Arya Play is built to assess each individual and determine their genuine worth in relation to the work function. You can’t just hire a nurse who lacks caring and compassion in their lives and expect them to provide good patient care. Arya Play Card Games gives you the complete assessment of a person from the deck of cards they choose.

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