Benefits and advantages of using Gamified assessments

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For decades, pre-employment exams have led to predict career growth. While conventional evaluations such as logical, numerical, and verbal comprehension are familiar. Employers in a range of industries are now using gamified assessments to take a more game-like approach.

Measures Actual Ability and Job Performance

Gamified exams are built on logical reasoning underpinnings, and can disclose a candidate’s inherent performance in ways that standard assessments cannot. Not only how well applicants will learn, but also how quickly they learn. The fast-paced and interactive environment forces applicants to adjust to recent issues, and the rate at which they do so shows their learning ability.

Graduates, in particular, are accustomed to preparing for professional examinations. Rather than maintaining this artificial attitude, game-based exams enable a unique feeling that gathers a more reflective set of results from a candidate’s solid results. It can also be more inclusive and fairer for people who experience nervousness during formal testing.

According to psychological studies, necessary characteristics, such as learning ability, performance, and interpersonal skills, are significant predictors of work performance. These characteristics are fundamental to success in the modern workplace, and they also give important insight into development and career progression.

Engaging Candidate Experience

Today’s candidates have higher expectations for the application process. Because of this power shift, fewer applicants have the potential to complete less engaging assessment sessions. It means that fewer candidates are progressing through the recruiting funnel to the final stages.

Other industries have long used gamification to increase interest and demand, and the HR profession is now reaping the benefits with up to a 99 percent pass rate on assessments. Arya Play games, for example, provide a very engaging applicant experience by incorporating game-based aspects into the evaluation process. The combination of stages, badges, and a meaningful narrative attracts and keeps the candidate’s concentration on the assessment.

Engaging Candidate

Employer Brand Has Improved

Before applying, candidates spend an average of 30 minutes researching your employer brand. They can gather more information than ever before because of the availability of peer-to-peer review sites like Glassdoor. A well-planned selection procedure is essential for long-term and flexible talent identification. Gamified evaluations, such as Arya Play, project a young and vibrant employer image. Arya Play excels in making a strong first impression while also leaving a lasting pleasant impact on prospects who will suggest them to their colleagues.

In an ever-increasing global fight for talent, a better candidate experience could be the deciding factor for applicants to choose one firm over the other.

Dynamic Feedback

Most individuals would rather receive regular feedback on how they are doing than take a big breath towards the end. Gamified exams can give brief feedback after levels or segments, allowing applicants to measure their progress. Intelligent candidates who are more receptive to feedback can also take use of this chance to improve their learning agility and enhance their performance as they go.

Accessibility Has Been Prioritized

Assessments should capture candidates at their highest potential. They do not have to be rigorously formal and comprise the advantages of using gamified assessments and why they are beneficial.

Gamified tests keep their psychometric integrity whether they use a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. The game-like interface adjusts to match the ideal interaction dimensions of the applicant. Furthermore, the new appearance and feel invites more applicants to finish it wherever and whenever they feel comfortable and capable of giving it their all.

Gamified exams give a valid and reliable measure of work performance while outperforming traditional assessments in terms of applicant experience.

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