Party Card Games to Make Your Family Gathering More Fun

Table of Contents

  • Fun And Exciting Family Gathering
  • Create A Beautiful Time with Family
  • Keep your family members entertained
  • Arya Play
  • Unleash The Craziness
  • Ways of Playing
  • Most Valued – Values important to you and your tribe
  • Shared Value – Tell stories about your tribe’s most valued traits
  • Children valued stories – Maintain a bond with your children while teaching them about life

Fun And Exciting Family Gathering

Whether it’s for a birthday, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, or any other seasonal celebration, family get-togethers and game evenings are a lot of fun. Each family has its own set of customs.

It’s not simple to plan family gatherings, especially when you’re hosting from your own home. There’s the venue, the cuisine, and the decorations to consider, not to mention the entertainment. We’ve held a lot of family festivities and party nights at Mehta House, so we’ve seen a lot of fun family party games that are ideal for all ages. These family party card games are inexpensive, allowing you to save money while still throwing the year’s most important event.

Create A Beautiful Time with Family

Perhaps you have a favourite movie or a card game that you like playing together. We’re confident that Arya Play card games provide a lovely opportunity for participants to show their actual ideals in life.

Coming up with fresh game ideas that the entire family will like might be difficult. As a result, we have a card game that is one of the most enjoyable family party games for all ages. Arya Play card games are the best game to play with family, and these games are wonderful, psychological, and interesting for both kids and adults.

So, as the holidays approach and your Friday nights are busy with hosting dinner dates for you and your friends, you might be looking for some ways to break up the monotony of eating (little too much) food.

Keep Your Family Members Entertained

It’s alright if gaming time doesn’t fit into your family gathering preparation checklist. (Great chats and catching up with distant friends are sometimes all that’s required for a successful gathering.) However, if you prefer to fill your holiday party with laughter and action to learn more about your family members, or if you need to keep the kids engaged, our value card game will be the perfect addition to your family gathering.

Because our game has flexible rules and few to no materials, you can keep it informal and adapt it to any occasion, such as a birthday party, a holiday celebration, or any get-together. Depending on the regulations, the Arya Play card game can be played by adults or children. Arya Play value game is one of the greatest card games for families to play after their gift exchange ideas and games, in addition to gathering around the TV.

Arya Play

It is a wonderful ice breaker game that lets people play and socialise. Arya Play is a fascinating card game to start with others, that may help spark interesting conversations with yourself, your family, your colleagues, and your friends.

Unleash The Craziness

The range of Arya Play card games is thought-provoking games that can be played irrespective of age, creed, gender, or race to facilitate fun and meaningful conversation involving two or more people. The main aim of Arya Play range of card games is to strengthen connections inside the community and even beyond our worldwide cultures in the face of diversification and politics.

  • Arya play is a fun-filled card game to play with friends, parents, colleagues.
  • We help us to create personal and professional rapport, as well as in developing deeper and more meaningful connections with yourself and your loved ones.
  • We bring families and friends from different generations together to learn what is actually important to each other.
  • We understand complex decisions and ensure that you have fun and “Ah-Ha” moments.
  • Arya Play gives you Deep Behavioral Insights with Fun User Experiences.
  • We support organizations in helping and assisting customers and developing powerful teams and leaders.


Curious about how to play our Arya Play card games?

Ways of Playing

The first step is figuring out which purpose connected the most to you and your team – what part of you, your friends, family, or colleagues would you like to explore and understand today using our Arya Play cards?

Are you ready for some quiet self-analysing? Or Do you want to spend time with your family?

Why not spend some time getting to know your family members?

Wait! You are few cards away to find out what they think of you?

Most Valued – Values Important to You and Your Tribe

  • Shuffle the deck and distribute 5 cards to each player.
  • Place the remaining cards face down in the centre, with the topmost card facing up.
  • Draw a card from the pile and compare it to the ones you have in your hand.
  • Switch the card you “Value Less” with the one you choose, or keep the cards you have in your hands.
  • Continue doing so until you get the five cards that best represent your personality or goals.
  • Now, among the five cards in your hand, discard the two cards that you value the least.
  • “The Core Traits” is suggested by the remaining three cards.

Shared Value – Tell Stories About Your Tribe’s Most Valued Traits

  • Players may swap their preferred cards with others or from the discarded pile after picking the three core traits in Most Valued.
  • Share stories of times when the trait you’d like to switch your card with was tested.
  • If there is a tie, the one who tells the best story gets the card (as voted by remaining players)

Children Valued Stories – Maintain A Bond with Your Children While Teaching Them About Life

  • Shuffle the deck and deal the cards face up or face down.
  • Request the children choose the top card from the deck.
  • Ask about what each value on the card means to them.
  • Tell them about the idea and ask them how important it would be in their lives.
  • To begin a conversation about each concept, repeat this process for each card in the pile.
  • Inculcate value education in children in a creative manner, and get to know how they see the world.

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